The littlest Astronaut

cover_littlestastronaut-wp    A stunning medical discovery was made in 1994 and then immediately ushered into secrecy by NASA. It was the genetic reengineering of human embryos to create miniature people. One application of this astonishing technology would be that tiny men could be used for future space missions to fly miniaturized space craft in order to greatly reduce the costs of space exploration.

     The program was abruptly shut down due to technical glitches and the entire project was then sold to foreign buyers. One of the astronauts named “Baxter” was retained by NASA. Baxter loved women, and women loved him. Claire, the head of the scientific team, was assigned to his care and she quickly found out just how satisfying a five inch tall man can be. He was able to go where no man has gone before.   

Illustrated pages from the book, 42 pages: