The Cuckold


Jackie had been married to Kent for only one year and she was enjoying the best of both worlds, lots of money and great sex. But ironically those two benefits were coming from two different men.

While Kent had just inherited a huge fortune from his grandmother he was challenged by the tiny size of his manhood. Jackie’s boyfriend Brett on the other hand was jobless but upon Jackie’s invitations, he made frequent visits to the couples home and carried on an open sexual relationship with Jackie.

And once Jackie inticed Kent to add her as a joint account holder on all of his bank accounts she had control of their marriage firmly in her hands.

But Jackie had a dark side. It seems that she enjoyed depraved thrills from forcing Kent to remain in the hall closet or even watch while she and Brett had prolonged sex in the bedroom. As the situation worsened for Kent, Jackie’s sister Emma who was a psychologist, began paying frequent visits to the house to conduct a study.

Kent’s only hope was that Emma might be able to bring him redemption from his misery.