The Copy


cover_thecopy-wp   Eric was back in town for the weekend to visit his college friend Bob. They were doing some bar hopping when they decided to visit an old mansion nearby that they heard was now converted into a house of prostitution.

   Upon their visit Eric was introduced to a very attractive girl named Tiana and they proceeded to have great amazing sex. But then Tiana did something quite unusual for a call girl, she actually invited Eric to come back the following night.

   As Eric was to find out, the invitation had nothing to do with having more sex. In fact the mansion housed a very ancient but sophisticated 3d copier that could actually copy a human and totally alter the person as desired. The place was being used as a black market business to transform young men into female prostitutes who were female in every respect.

    And having just become a woman, the copy would obviously be a virgin.
And virgins were exactly what clients of the underground business were looking for.

45 illustrated pages,  sample scenes below: