The Charmer

cover_thecharmer-wp  Amanda was an American geologist. When she was traveling in India on an assignment she visited a unique foster home whose residents were exclusively dwarfs. She was infatuated with the tiniest resident named Alphonse whom she immediately adopted.

Amanda’s career was so busy that she didn’t assume actual custody of Alphonse until he had reached the age of twenty five. The foster home in India required that Alphonse be enrolled in an occupational therapy program once he arrived in America or risk being deported back to India. When Amanda finally brought him to America he resided with her sister Erin who was a fitness instructor and had her own salon.

Erin had no thoughts of attempting to find occupational therapy for Alphonse but she did notice that he had a peculiar ability. He would always gawk at her when she worked out and when he did so, her extra fat would disappear and be replaced with sexy muscle within minutes.

31 illustrated pages,  sample scenes below: