School Hall

Neal and Jennie had been friends since grammar school. Their families
lived near each other and the kids would walk together to and from school
and even do their homework together at one another’s homes.

As youngsters they were about the same size so that many times when
they were walking together they would be mistaken for two girls.
However when they reached high school age there began to be a
noticeable size difference between the two teens, but not in the usual
manner. Jennie was now much bigger than Neal. In fact by the time that
they were in their last year of high school Neal only came up to Jennie’s
shoulders height wise, plus Jennie outweighed him by almost forty pounds.

On the first day of school they would always get lockers next to each other
but in their senior year when they picked out their lockers the door on
Neal’s locker was particularly sticky. Adding to this dilemma was the fact
that Neal happened to be one of the smallest guys in his graduating class
and in fact the entire school. He had a thin body and feeble arms and so
despite yanking with all his might and using both arms, he just could not
open that freakin’ locker door.

Then came what turned out to be the most embarrassing moment of his
life. Seeing Neal’s plight Jenny reached over with a free arm and effortlessly pulled open the door almost as if the locker were brand new. Immediately Neal’s self esteem hit the floor. He was a puny little wimp! He had never thought of himself in such terms until now, especially after this humiliating display of Jenny’s superior strength.

For the rest of that day and for many days thereafter when he walked in
the halls from class to class he kept his eyes cast submissively downward.
The last thing he wanted was to have eye contact with other students.
Surely by now everyone knew that he was the wuss who needed his
girlfriend to open his locker door.