Lil’ Daddy2- Girl Trouble


cover_lildaddy-two-wp   Stan held the Mr. Punyworld title for nearly a year. But now he found himself facing challenges that he had not anticipated. His daughter’s friends from the sorority considered him to be a kind of mock hero. In fact one of the challenges of qualifying for the club was to beat Stan at arm wrestling and have another member video it.

And being the puniest guy in town left him wide open for sarcasm, especially in the workplace. So his first place victory and five thousand dollar first prize were no longer such a fond memory.

Now Stan’s wife and daughter wanted him to compete again for the second year and Stan didn’t want to disappoint them, but he certainly didn’t want to win it this time. So in order to get rid of this whole thing gracefully, his plan was to head back to the gym and bulk up enough so that he would lose the local contest to some other wimp and be rid of all the hassles of being Mister Punyworld.

But his trainer other ideas.

31 illustrated pages, some sample scenes: