Lil’ Daddy

 cover_lildaddy-1-wp   Stanley’s wife and daughter became seriously involved in bodybuilding and they encouraged Stanley to come with them to work out at the gym, but every time they asked him he declined. With each passing week the two women gained more and more muscular definition until after only a few months they were conspicuously much stronger looking than Stanley.

    Not wanting to be continually embarrassed by the women in his household he discretely sought the services of a physical trainer who might help him to buff up.

    When the trainer saw just how puny and out of shape Stanley was she came up with a surprising suggestion. She offered to enroll him in an upcoming physique contest. At first he was totally baffled  by her offer but after some reluctance he finally agreed to compete.

However the contest was not quite what Stanley had expected.

40 illustrated pages, some sample scenes: