Her Little Men



Tobey was excited when he received the congratulatory letter from
the accounting firm offering him a position. The accountants there
earned more money than most others in the business. But the job
came with a price, and the price was that your boss would be a
woman named Jana.

Jana hired only men. But curiously they had to be small men and
they had to be short in stature. From her earlier days as a junior
account she had always dreamed of running her own accounting
department and staffing it with efficient, docile little men in whom
she could instill her own skills and excellent work habits.

Tobey’s initiation began on his very first day on the job. Jana took
him to lunch, and then of all places, to the beach where she
tossed him around like a water toy. She pulled him to the deeper
water where she groped his manhood. He had passed the first