Her Jockey



Phillippes’s foot injury meant an early end to his promising career as a jockey. He had earned himself a great income and he lived a comfortable life with his voluptuous girlfriend Astra, but now his life was becoming a reversal of fortune.

Astra no longer respected him and she became very domineering toward Phillippe virtually turning him into a house servant. His popularity as a thoroughbred jockey was now a thing of the past.

And Astra was also betraying him, spending many evenings at the track with Rosco who was a stablehand and a good friend of Phillippe.

The only person who might be able to restore Phillippe’s self esteem would be Tess, a gorgeous redhead and renouned sulky trainer.

She had great expectations for Phillippe, but they may have been TOO great.

30 illustrated pages, sample scenes below: