Double Feature





Two Stories:

Marshall was definitely babied. He was about to turn
twenty years old but it didn’t seem to matter. He was
pampered by his mom and domineered by his younger sister.
And at seemed like it would never end until he met Hailey.
Would Hailey be the dream girl that he imagined or would
she turn out to be his babysitter?
Carried By A Girl
It’s what good neighbors are for. Nolan and Danielle
were neighbors and if Danielle took a walk on a chilly day she
would borrow Nolan for use as a shawl. When you’re
paraded around the neighborhood slung over a girl’s
shoulders it’s downright humiliating, however Danielle was
quite beautiful and sexy so there was an upside. But Nolan
wanted to mean more to her than just another article of
clothing in her wardrobe.