Bully Daughter


Stanley was a three time winner of the Mister Puny World title. Things were great when he was winning but now the contests had lost their popularity and no one was sponsoring events. He hadn’t competed in quite a while and the prize money was long ago spent.

And Stan was no longer the family hero. He had quit his job at the accounting firm to “train” for the contests which would include fasting for weeks at a time in order to get as skinny as possible so that he could appear punier than the other competitors. But now that there were very few competitions Stan’s prize money soon ran out and he had nothing to do but sit home and watch TV.

Stan’s daughter Kelsey began to tease him. It may have been in retaliation for Stan being an overly strict parent when she was little or perhaps it was just a way for her to blow off her frustrations. Whatever the case she was bigger and stronger than Stan and he made an easy target. Kelsey’s favorite taunt was to show Stan how strong her legs were compared to his.

Stan was becoming fearful of Kelsey and he tried to avoid her when she was anywhere in the household. He finally turned to his wife Cloris who provided a surprising revelation.