Bossy “Little” Sister


Marshall was nineteen and living at home with his mom and his sister, but he had a dilemma. He was tiny, standing at just a shade over three feet.

At the merciless hands of genetics gone awry he hadn’t grown hardly at all since his childhood. In stark contrast his sister Katy, who was actually a year younger than himself, towered over him at a height of five foot nine.

Marshall’s mom Rhoda was overprotective and managed almost every aspect of his life, but lately Marshall was rebelling. He was now almost twenty years old and he wanted to be treated like an adult however it clearly wasn’t going to happen.

Katy was a babysitter for Marshall when Rhoda was away and she always regarded it as a nuisance. But now that he was a grown up she found that dominating a man, albeit a tiny one, was quite arousing.

In fact she used to hate having to bathe her brother and put him to bed, but these days she was finding it quite enjoyable.

26 pages