The Gift


Girl vs Girl



 School Hall   (upcoming story) 

As youngsters they were about the same size so that many times when they were walking together they would be mistaken for two girls. However when they reached high school age there began to be a noticeable size difference between the two teens, but not in the usual manner.



Jungle Trek

A few more shots of Briley in the tent with the tiny tribesman:


Bossy Sister 

    Marshall was nineteen years old, but through some kind of genetic anomaly he never physically grew much after the age of ten. And because of his very diminutive size his mom, Rhoda, was constantly concerned about his safety.

   Though he was now a young man Rhoda kept him living at home where his younger sister Katy served as his surrogate mother while Rhoda, a single mom, pursued her busy career as an attorney.

   But unfortunately it wasn’t long before Katy was managing every aspect of Marshall’s life.

Lil’ Daddy– unpublished images from the bedroom scene.

Stan and Cloris had just returned from the local Mr. Punyworld contest where Stan won first prize. He had “trained” diligently for months in order to reduce himself in size to a skinny wimp in order to grab the $5000 purse for finishing in first place.

But during that same time his wife cloris went in an entirely opposite direction. She and their daughter Kelsey were spending three days a week at the health club in order to lose some holiday pounds, but it soon became a competition between mother and daughter as to who could get in better shape quicker. As a result they both gained buff and athletic bodies in a short period of time.

Unfortunately for Stan, he stopped feeling like the man of the household.